Eivin Kilcher Wife Eve Kilcher Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Everything About Her

Eve Steller Matkins is a famous reality TV personality known as Eve Kilcher. She was born on 8th July 1984 in Alaska, USA. Her father’s name is Craig and her mother is Dena Matkins. Her zodiac sign is Cancer and she a 34 years old young lady. She is a cook, author as well as a nature fonder. She is best known for the famous TV series Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Eve Kilcher Bio: Parents, Early Life

In her early childhood, Eve resided in the rural side of Alaska with her parents. However, their family split when her parents got divorced. She was quite young at that time. After separation, she lived with her mother before her marriage near Glacier Bay National Park in Gustavus, south-east Alaska. In summers, she used to stay with his father where she spent her time at the farms playing with the animals and learning the basic chores related to farming. She also used to do hunting and fishing with her father. At a very young age, she got indulged in farming activities and she enjoyed that time.

Eve Kilcher Education Details

She was studied from Homer High School and matriculated in the year 2001. She completed her degree in Agriculture Philosophy and Permaculture from Aloha Aina Permaculture and Design Institute.

Eve Kilcher Dating, Marriage Details, Kids

There she came in a close friendship with Eivin Kilcher who is the son of Otto Kilcher. They started dating each other and finally, the couple got married in 2011. They had a big ceremony with their family and friends. As the family never got separated, Eivin and Eve also stayed at their farm with their parents.

They have two beautiful kids named Findlay and Sparrow Rose. Both children are very creative and hard working. They will have a bright future as their parents. With the life of a happy couple, there came another happiness.

Eve Kilcher Career Details

The producers of the TV reality noticed the people of Alaska and they came across the Kilcher’s family. They offered them to cast their own reality show named Alaska: The Last Frontier. They can earn additional income by working in this show.

The aim of this show is to showcase the life of Alaska that how people survive and bring up their children in the rural life of Alaska. They recorded the episodes in their own homestead that is 10 miles away from Homer. The most noticing feature of their life is there is no modernity and they use old techniques for hunting, farming, and fishing. Their life moves around their tough routine. They daily wake up, earns money for their family, and the days go on. They have not any social life nor any freaking activities.

The ancient family chose farming, hunting, etc. to run their lives as they feel comfortable in spending their life with simplicity. Also, they are not fascinated by modernity. One of the reasons for Eve popularity as she is an expert in cooking and possesses many other skills. In her early life, she learned a lot from her parents like gardening, farming, illustrating nature, cooking, etc. The viewer start admiring her work and she became more confident after success. She also wrote a book with her husband “Homestead Kitchen: Stories and Recipes from our Hearts to Yours” in which she mentioned some useful tips related to gardening, organic lifestyle, and around 85 recipes of cooking.

Besides this, she is also a spokesperson who provides guidelines about healthy living. She and her husband Eivin is presenting 21st-century technology in a traditional way and according to them the guidelines will help people getting most out of life. She loves the way to do everything by yourself as she follows the rule of do-it-yourself. She likes to make homemade cheese. In her spare time, like when she got free from her gardening, cooking, etc. She used to focus on her daughter’s hairs. She uses natural remedies to make her hair stronger and shinier. In her daily routine, she gives a part of her time to her family as she loves them very much.

Is Eve Kilcher Dead Or Alive?

There were rumors around that Eve has died but it turned into the false statement as she is alive and living a happy and prosperous life with her family. She is very social and she has a large number of fan following. She had created an Instagram account on which she used to post video clips of cooking. Her fans appreciate her work very much.

Eve Kilcher Net Worth

Eve has a net worth of $2 million and most of her earning comes from the hit show.

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