Gerri Willis Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Gerri Willis is a triumphant survivor and financial guru for CNN. She is critically acclaimed for work on ‘The Willis Report’, and a role model for cancer sufferers across the globe. Willis is strong in her faith and has a passion for saving people from financial turmoil and educating society on personal finances on her show, ‘The Bottom Line’.

Gerri Willis Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Gerri Willis born on August 14, 1959, was born and raised in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Willis is an esteemed graduate of the ‘Columbia Business School’. Gerri Willis also attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. During her time at Miami University, Gerri held the title of ‘Business Manager’ of the oldest student newspaper in America. Gerri started from the bottom, employed by a local newspaper as a general assignment reporter. With her strong work ethic, she made her way to the Dow Jones and eventually held her place with serious news networks. Gerri Willis was secretive about her breast cancer diagnosis she received in 2016. She later credited the diagnoses to a rekindling of her religious ties.

Gerri Willis Career Details

Gerri Willis was most known for her role on CNN in 2010 as a finance editor and consultant. She later hosted shows such as, ‘Your Bottom Line’. Willis’s topics delved into business, and economical strategy, while educating society on their personal assets. Gerri took her financial intelligence to the magazine world, ‘Smart Money’ where she settled in a senior position. Gerri Willis’s talents did not go unrecognized during her career, she has received accolades for her work, with the Retirement Savings Reporting award in 2001. Willis is also the author of two successful books, “The Smart Money Guide to Real Estate Investing” as well as “Home Rich.”

Gerri Willis Net Worth

Gerri Willis’s net worth has been estimated to be $2 million at present times. This has increased dramatically from her assumed average in 2018 of five hundred thousand dollars.

Gerri Willis Marriage Details

Gerri Willis is not dating but has been married to David Evans since 1994.

Gerri Willis Kids

The Willis family does not have any children.

Gerri Willis Parents

There is no information on Gerri Willis’s parents. However, according to Facebook comments on Gerri’s page, her mother’s name is Betty and her sister’s name is Frankie. She also has a brother.

Gerri Willis Body Measurements

Gerri Willis stands taller than the average American woman at a height of six feet and one inch. Her weight is sixty-two kilograms. Gerri is a natural blonde with blue eyes at fifty-nine years old she is still a bombshell. Gerri is caucasian and religious, she is athletic, and keeps her health as a priority. After her cancer diagnosis, Willis states that she takes better care of herself than ever.

With strict diets and exercise routines, Gerri ensures she is caring for herself every day.

Gerri Willis Cars, House

Gerri Willis’s assets are unknown at this time, Gerri Willis has kept these private.

Fun Facts About Gerri Willis

Although secretive about it at first discovery, the very private Gerri Willis battled a form of breast cancer and became committed to helping women who share her battle with the disease.

Her work with fellow survivors earned her the ‘Susan G. Komen’s Impact Award.’ This award recognizes renowned investors and leaders in the area of breast cancer research. She later on discovered pre-cancerous cells in a routine pap smear, these were later removed and caused no future issue. Gerri spoke about her anxiety and her mental health struggles on her cancer journey connecting with many other women across the globe. Gerri Willis is now very public with her health history, she is often found tweeting, and sharing posts in support of other sufferers.

Gerri Willis Social Media Presence

Gerri Willis has a verified Facebook page. 67154 people like the page. Gerri shares her photos and news articles on the page. She is an inspiration to many people on this platform.

Geri Willis is a strong survivor and financial guru. With her work on ‘The Willis Report’, and ‘The Bottom Line’, CNN’s Willis taught people how to strengthen their financial prowess, and was responsible for American wealth empowerment. Gerri and her husband of almost two decades live together with no children, keeping in touch with their faith every day. They reside in Westchester County.

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