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How Did The Old Man In The Pawn Stars Die, What Happened To Him?

Richard Harrison aka The Old Man is probably the senior most star on the show Pawn Star. His death in 77 in the year of 2017 shook the Pawn Star viewers. A so-viewed reality show lost this star with deep sadness.

This natty dressed person actually owned and opened the famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. He even introduced his son Rick Harrison, grandson Corey Harrison and friend Austin Russell to the shop.

Numerous episode played by him, viewers invited him to their homes several times. His presence and appearance in this show will always be missed by the viewers and the co-actors.

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His Death

Harrison died in June 25, 2018. His son Rick Harrison confirmed it through instagram.

Passed away this morning surrounded by those he loved. He will be tremendously missed by our family, the team at Gold & Silver Pawn and his many fans the world over.

His son mentioned.

Lost his long battle with Parkinson’s this morning.

Very few people outside of Harrison’s inner circle knew that he was sick, so his death was a surprise to most — as was the cause, a devastating, progressive neurological condition.

His son mentioned after hours the same day.

Navy Person

The Harrison family is attached to the navy. The old man served various roles for over 20 years there. The old man stole a car form North Carolina. Then one of the judges gave him the choice that: Enlist or go to jail. Obviously, he chose the better option, becoming enlisted. He completed his training.

Afterwards, he went out for tours. He left it after 4 years. By this time, his newborn daughter was severely sick.

A Tough Parent

He himself was a strong man and to some extent, a tough parent. He introduced his son and his grandson to this show.
His son Rick stated that, his father took a really good care of him. Though he had epilepsy, his dad did not treat him differently. His father worked hard, really hard to pay his medical bill when he was a sick newborn.

His son again mentioned, he had a bad fight with his father when Rick was only 16 years old. He started quarreling with his father. His father then became angrier and punched him on the face! The Old Man said when you will be at the right age, then come and talks to me. It was quite a lesson for his son back then to until now.

Not All His Wealth Distributed to All Three Children of Richard Harrison

This is something interesting. He was a wealthy man due to his business and pawn shows. It is confirmed that that he could make a lot of money for his future generation. He had three sons named Rick, Christopher and Joseph Harrison who were the heirs of his property. Moreover, his wife Joanne was also included.

But with utmost surprise, The Legal Paper published that; his son Christopher will not receive a single dime. He bestowed his love to his son Christopher a lot, but he stated more that, he failed to Christopher with his issues. He did not clarify why he was doing this to one of his children.

What Next?

The day-to-day purchasing and selling at Las Vegas pawn shop has been the center of attention for many viewers. Here The Old Man was one of the most important casts himself. Within two days of his departure, the channel air cast A Treasure Remembered. It was all about the previous odd episodes in memories of our dear Old man.

Now, the show already has started its 16 season. No other cast could take the place of our Old Man. Nobody was replaced. His son and grandson returned to the show.


No matter how far The Old man is, he will always be in our heart. The show seems incomplete without him. But there is a saying that, the show must go on. His charms were to the next level.

Besides, he was so responsible towards his family. He worked hard for them and raised them up to their bests.

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