Who Is Rapper YNW Melly And Why Was He Arrested? Know His Age, Mother, Net Worth

A 21-year old rapper in Florida YNW Melly whose real name is Jamell Demon, he was very much passionate in his work and also releases many successful songs which have about 17 million views on his youtube channel. His famous album “We All Shine” was released in January 2018 which gain a huge success especially the song “Mixed Personalities” gained the full attention of the views and ultimately become the super hit. This song was performed by YNW Melly and Kyne West. one of the most popular songs of YNW Melly was “Murder on my Mind” which reaches up to 90 Million views on youtube. The lyrics are outstanding that have fantastic graphical representation and imagined fatal shooting that brings more beauty and detailing to make the song a great success.

Rapper YNW Melly Early Life

Jamell Demons was born on 1st May 2001. His mother was too young when she got pregnant with him. She was just 14 years old. She she gave birth to this rapper, she was in 9th grade. Melly was in love with music since he was a little child. He has a childhood fascination with Micheal Jackson and Chris Brown. Once he claims that he is also very much interested in guns. Once he finds a revolver of his uncle and he used to take it to everywhere including his educational institutes.

Rapper YNW Melly Was Accused Of The Murder Of His Two Friends

In October 2018, Melly was arrested on the murder charge of his two close friends that are 19 and 21 years old. The prosecutor wanted to gain the death charge against YNW Melly for these two murders. When this file in court, it was claimed that Melly killed his two friends for the financial gain. After this statement, police arrested Melly and his brother Corten Henry by charging them for these two murders in early 2018. In this aspect, the police gave their statement that Melly shoot his friends and then stage the scene pretended that it was a drive-by shooting. On Thursday, he appeared in the court where he was ordered to put behind the bars with no bail. As Florida in from one of the 30 states where capital punishment is allowed.

Rapper YNW Melly Statement On Instagram And Allegations

At his Instagram account, he posted about the death of his two beloved friends i.e. Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr. he was very sad and share his grief with his followers. He said that his heart is very much heavy and sad as he faces a huge loss in the form of his friend’s death. On the contrary, the Miramar police said that one of Henry took the two victims to the hospital on the 26th of October. Both the victims have multiple gunshot wounds and so they cant service and pronounced to death. When the investigation started, it was cleared from the forensic reports that Melly shoots them but Henry gave the statement that it was driven to the shooting that doesn’t match the forensic results.

On his Instagram account, he wrote, ” They took my brothers from me because of jealousy. They have an eye on me. I lost my two close friends in an incident and now they wanted justice. A lot of rumours and lies come out that I am the killer but no worries I and my brother has left it up to God”

In the end, they use the hashtag “freeus”.

The Up-coming Career Of Rapper YNW Melly

Before he gets into this murder case, he had just begun the concert all over the country and his Instagram profile was full of positive gestures and appreciation of his hip-hop stardom. He earned a huge amount of cash, diamond jewellery and gold covering of his smiling teeth. A week before he was arrested, he gave the interview to Billboard and in his interview, he discussed his plans of 2019 about how he collaborated with Kyne and did a song and overall background. In his interview, he also discussed about his two close friends and it seems that he was unable to speak anything about the whole incident.

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