Is Naomi Wilkinson Married Or Dating Secretly? Know Her Age, Career, Net Worth

Born and raised on 30th June 1974, in Bristol, England, this famous actress and television presenter is known for her hosting of Milkshake, which is an early morning program for the young children. She will be 46 years old in June 2020. She was nominator for the Female On-Screen Talent category for such brilliance in the Royal Television Society awards. She is also one of the presidents in the Young People Trust for the Environment.

She began her lessons of ballet at the age of just 3 and went for her graduation as a teacher in dance forms from London College of Dance.

As per Naomi, her true passion is tap dancing. She spent a lot of time in the United States studying the different dance forms and in fact, she could also be seen teaching tap dancing at the Pineapple dance studios in London. Her love or music and rhythm extend much beyond her tap shoes. She gives all the credit of her musicality to her father as his father, too, had a penchant for classical music and piano studies.

Naomi has a great liking for being in front of the audience. In 2013, you could see her as a host for the fortnightly deadly themed summer shows at the Adventure Parks and Longleat Safari.

Naomi Wilkinson Career Details

Her entertainment career began when she became a part of Butlins Redcoats in Bristol, before the break for the television came to her when she started presenting for Carlton’s breakfast show Wakey Wakey!

She has been a host in Make Way for Noddy on the PBS Kids as well as on in The Sunny Side Up Show on the PBS Kids Sprout. She has also hosted the children’s program named Milkshake for Channel 5, which was initially presented by the singer Hannah William. She is a presenter at the Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature on CBBC channel. This series even won an award at the West England RTS Awards in Bristol for the Best Children’s category. In fact Naomi was nominated two times as the best presenter at the BAFTA Awards in the years 2015 and 2016.

She has co presented the Sunday Evening Country File of BBC1 alongside Bill Bailey and John Craven. She currently is a presenter for CBBC at All Over the Place, Wild & Weird, and Marrying Mum & Dad, which is the winner of the Stonewall Award and is currently in its 7th series. She has worked at the Milkshake for a whopping 10 years as a presenter as well as a producer. She also hosted the nationwide Wild & Scary in the theatre tour of April 2017 and hence, was invited to take her own show to Kidtropolis in October for a stint. She starred as Cinderella in pantomime at the Wimbledon Theatre and in Aladdin at the Cardiff New Theatre alongside John Inman.

She also features in movies for Ten Pieces II and III and hosted 2 BBC Ten Pieces as live lessons and has presented the Ten Pieces series concerts in the year 2017 and 2018.

Naomi Wilkinson Parents And Siblings

She discloses not much about her parents, but in an interview she told about her father’s classical music penchant and the love for piano. She has an elder sister named Anna, who is professionally an artist. Anna is fluent in polish and is the mother of Naomi’s two nephews.

Naomi Wilkinson Husband

She announced her engagement on the 10th of June in 2008 to her fiancé, Mark, on air, who is a camera operator. The two got hitched with the wedding rings later on. The photos at her instagram show that the love of this couple is infinite for each other.

Naomi Wilkinson Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Naomi Wilkinson is about 10 million dollars. To conclude, I’d say that she has built an impressive career as a presenter at television shows.

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