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Jim Miklaszewski Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married, Kids

James Alan Miklaszewski retired as NBC’s Chief Pentagon Correspondent, and people remember him for being the first journalist to report that the Pentagon had been attacked on September 11, 2001. Being a journalist/reporter for over forty years makes him one of the oldest reporters.

Jim Miklaszewski Bio: Age, Early Life

He was born on 8 July, 1949, in Cudahy, Wisconsin. He later attended Cudahy High School, also in Wisconsin.

He covered several notable events in his career. As mentioned above, he was the first to report that the Pentagon had been attacked because he witnessed it all. By virtue of his job, his desk was in the Pentagon. So, he saw it all.

He also covered the Gulf war between the United States and Iraq during George Bush’s administration. Jim exhibited his courageous side when he landed at the battlefields in Lebanon, El-Salvador, and the Falkland Islands. He won an award for his coverage of the wars. So far, Jim has won one Emmy Award and two Emmy nominations.

Jim Miklaszewski Career Details

Jim’s enviable career began at radio stations in West Texas. He worked for KLBK, located in Lubbock, and he also worked for KVOP in Plainview. After that, he spent several years working as a News Director for other radio stations in La Crosse and Madison.

He signed up with CNN in 1980. His first major assignment was to cover the wars in the Falkland Islands, El Salvador, and Lebanon. He covered these battles so well that he was recognized for his coverage.

Due to his stellar performance, CNN also assigned him to the White House during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. He was the journalist that reported the terrorist attack that led to the death of more than 200 US Marines in Lebanon. He also reported the US military invasion of Grenada. One other notable coverage of Mr. Jim Miklaszewski is President Reagan’s trip to China in the company of his wife.

The 9/11 attack on the Pentagon and the Twin Towers made America intensify the search for Osama Bin Laden, who was the mastermind of the attack. Jim covered the initial hunt too. The attack was carried out during George Bush’s presidency, but the idiot was killed during the Barack Obama Administration. Jim also covered the war in Afghanistan.

In 1985, he was hired by NBC to be a Pentagon correspondent. Another remarkable thing he did was joining the US forces during what is known as the “Tanker Wars”. At some point in his career, Jim Miklaszewski covered the presidential summits that George Bush attended with Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. He continued to cover the White House during Bill Clinton’s administration until his re-election.
The one that earned him an Emmy award is the coverage of Russia’s shootdown of Malaysia Flight 17.

However, that wasn’t his only award. He did a documentary series named “After Nam”. It is about the Vietnam War. This documentary series earned him an Edward R. Murrow award.

He also received a Cable Industry award for his coverage of the war in El Salvador. In addition, he has two Emmy nominations to his name. After a remarkable stint at NBC, this journalism veteran retired from NBC on September 28, 2016.

Jim Miklaszewski Net Worth

As of late 2019, Jim’s net worth was estimated to be about $1.1 million. That’s quite impressive. Like many other journalists, he doesn’t flaunt his material wealth. Jim Miklaszewski would never talk about his cars and house in any interview. Hence, we don’t know much about his cars and his house. We can only tell you that he is a successful journalist and he’s doing fine financially.

Jim Miklaszewski Private Life

Jim kept his relationship private, and that led to the rumors that he could be gay. The rumor prevailed for a while until the news about his marriage to Cheryl Heyse filtered out. So far, the marriage has produced two sons – James Jr. and Jeffrey. For now, we don’t know about his parents and siblings. He has never mentioned anything about them.

Jim’s parents are believed to have originated from Poland. Nobody knows when they moved into the United States and the circumstances surrounding their relocation into the States. Generally, Jim Miklaszewski is one of the most successful journalists in America.

Being able to work directly with three presidents of the United States is a very enviable feat.


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