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Johnnette Benkovic Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Dead Husband Anthony Benkovic

Johnnette is a multi-talented personality – A wife, mother, popular conference speaker, retreat director, seminar presenter, published author and founder as well as President of a religious women’s empowerment organization.

Johnnette Benkovic Bio: Early Life, Education, Religion

Johnette was raised in a well-maintained Catholic household in her childhood. She attended 12 years of parochial education. After that she went off to college in the late 1960’s and she abandoned her Catholic moorings then. She had stopped practicing Catholic for a few years until in 1981. Then she converted back into her faith. She became enamored with consumerism just after her marriage. Certainly, Johnette and her husband and family were extremely successful in the eye of the world, but she was very unhappy. One of the Christian witness said that she was going through hard times and then she reintroduced her to Jesus Christ and brought her Home to the Church. As of now, she is about 69-70 years old. She says to everyone who is a baptized Christian has been called into mission by God. As members of the mystical body of Jesus Christ, all our call is to make His presence known to the ends of the earth.

Johnnette Benkovic Career Details

After many years of practicing as a non-practicing Catholic, she returned to Catholicism in 1981 and felt called to share the Gospel message through all known media. She has tried a lot to maintain a consistent presence in Catholic radio since 1987. She performed in Catholic television since 1988. She is the founder and President of ‘Living His Life Abundantly’, a non-profit organisation. Ever since then she has tried and utilized the use of media platforms to share the Gospel message & has been heavily involved in Catholic radio and Catholic television. Johnnette Benkovic is the executive producer of the well-known television program Women of Grace, aired on EWTN internationally, from Monday to Friday. Basically, this program discusses about contemporary issues from a Catholic perspective. Benkovic remain host of the show Women of Grace Live, a one-hour, call-in radio talk show which airs five times a week. She is being heard nationally on AM/FM stations and also internationally via short wave and also in satellite radio. Benkovic is the Executive Producer of the TV program named ‘Women of Grace’. This show revolves around highlighting prominent and contemporary issues from a Catholic perspective. The program also discusses about authentic femininity & ways that shows how to grow stronger as a community and empower one another.

Johnnette Benkovic Married Life

Johnnette was married to Anthony Benkovic at 1974 and they had enjoyed a happy life till Anthony passed away in 2007 to terminal brain cancer. Anthony & Johnnette had 3 children named Jessica, Thea and Simon Matthew Benkovic. Unfortunately, their son Simon died before Anthony in a tragic car accident in 2004. He had returned from Iraq as a decorated soldier just one week before his death. Despite the series of bad events may be the worst of her lifetime that occurred, Johnnette rarely to take a break from evangelizing; a month after Simon had passed. Then she was in Orlando doing a praise conference. It was a time of profound sorrow but also a time of great grace for which Johnnette feels eternally grateful.

Johnnette has a few grandchildren of her own. God has blessed her with two wonderful daughters and she is happy grandmother of 6; 3 little guys and 3 precious girls. Most recently, she got re-married to the General Manager of EWTN Radio Jack Williams in May 2018. They had their marriage at the Espiritu Santo Catholic Church in Safety Harbour Florida. Father Wade L. J. Menezes officiated Johnnette’s and Jacks marriage

Family life is very much important to her. She likes to spend time with her husband, daughters, friends and extended family whenever she get times.

Johnnette Benkovic Work Accomplishments And Net Worth

Johnnette has written a number of books. Name of her books are Graceful Living: Meditations to Help, Full of Grace: Women and the Abundant Life and another one is Full of Grace Facilitator’s. Her net income is descent and net worth more than 1.4 Million.

She never been in any leave. Only break she took was when Anthony had around eight weeks left to live and he did not want her travelling all over the States but to stay close.

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