Edge Of Alaska Cast Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

Edge of Alaska is a TV reality show that started airing on 24th October 2014. The show focuses on showing what goes on McCarthy, a town on the eastern side of Alaska. The city is often referred to as “Sin City” since most of the people who live there have either escaped from something or keeping something from the public. Anyone who chooses to live in McCarthy is considered to be the most daring person ever but still in this same town, there exist good people who are determined to get the best out of life. If you want to know about McCarthy, be sure to watch Edge Of Alaska.

This article is specially prepared to help you know more about Edge of Alaska’s cast net worth. If you are still eager to know more about the cast, join me as I expound to you more about them.

Edge Of Alaska Cast Jenny Rosenbaum

Jenny is an American actress and TV reality who is famously known for featuring in the Edge of Alaska. There is not much to share about Jenny’s childhood, but she is said to have moved to McCarthy immediately after high school. Concerning Edge of Alaska she has been with the team for six episodes and well it is taking her very well. She has been married to Paul Hanis since 2011. In the cast, she works for Neil but has had conflicts with him for his plans to change the town and thus she works as hard as she to provide everything she needs from the land. As of the current date format, Jenny has accumulated an estimated net worth of $300 million.

Edge Of Alaska Cast Neil Darish

Neil is one of the most outstanding cast in Edge of Alaska. He joined the show in 2014 and has stuck to it to date. Neil intends to change the remote area into a modern one, but as usual, any person wanting to bring change to the norm must face objection, and Neil is no exception. The locals of McCarthy don’t want any change to occur but want the traditions of the city to remain strong if possible to become stronger. Well, Neil receives an annual salary of $200000 from the show and is the richest of all the members of the cast with a $1 billion estimated net worth.

Edge Of Alaska Cast Tim Mischel

Tim is the oldest member of Edge of Alaska cast. He is said to have moved to McCarthy nearly 40 years ago and since he has resided alone on the highest point of the mountain. Tim combats the climate and wild without anyone’s company. Local people treasure him a lot, and he is regarded to as the Town Counsellor since he is the oldest and seemingly the wisest person in McCarthy. The show has provided Tim with a great source of income, and as you read, Tim earns $50000 for every episode aired, and this has seen his net worth amount to about $900000.

Edge Of Alaska Cast Mark Wacht

There are no much-known facts concerning Mark Wacht. He moved to McCarthy after searching for a lonely place to live a peaceful life away from people. He lives on his piece of land which he bought and build a cabin. He helps anyone in need for he knows the worst that can come out McCarthy and the best that can come out of the same place. Mark is guaranteed a $10000 salary for every episode he appears in the Edge of Alaska, and this helps boost his net worth to almost $100000.

Edge Of Alaska Cast Gary Green

Gary is also one of the people who has seen the darkest days of McCarthy and can tell anyone what friendship and neighbourhood mean. He is a forest pilot, gold miner and hunter who is ever willing to help, and this has attracted so many people to come to him for help. He takes home $10000 for every episode aired, and this has boosted his net worth to $100000.

Edge Of Alaska Cast Jeremy Keller

Jeremy landed in McCarthy after hitchhiking for over 200 miles in such of security and comfort from the modern-day society evils. He is one who is determined to all to it takes to make sure that the McCarthy is not fully exposed to the world. He and his family live on their farm in McCarthy. As of current date, Jeremy’s net worth stands at $12 million.


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