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Matt Write is a National Geographic (NatGeo) conservationist, television personality, animal expert, crocodile expert, and chopper pilot. He was born and bred in the wilds of Far North Queensland sunshine coast, Papua New Guinea, and outback Australia on August 29 (Virgo), 1979. He comes from a family of majorly sheep farmers, with his father being a wool dresser and his mother a stay at home mother and sheep farmer. Matt has always been drawn to wild animals including deadly snakes and bugs. When he turned 10 years old, he had already established his collection of a few of Australia’s most lethal animals which he frequently gets in trouble for at home.

Matt Wright Education Details

He got into Willunga high school in South Australia and got a helicopter pilot license at 21 years old. His love for the adrenaline rush of life and adventure is what distinguishes him from his peers. He enlisted shortly in the army, at 22 he left the reserves and started a career of high octane reptile-catching. He is now a star of his very own international television series on National Geographic.

Matt Wright Career Details

Matt has been around and done a lot for a while. From being a horse wrangler, crocodile egg collector to an Australian soldier, it can be said that he can do anything he tries his hands on. He helped out at a National Part where he studied wildlife and catching venomous snakes. Building up his passion for helicopter flying and piloting didn’t come as a challenge to him, as trying his hands on new things seems to be his specialty. As mentioned earlier, he is a star of his own National Geographic series called Outback Wrangler which aired in 2011 and is viewed in over 85 countries, 90 million homes, and 37 languages all around the world. The show just follows and shows a close up of the insane life of the main character Matt Wright and his two friends Willow and Jono. As a trio, they all track down, transport, and capture wild animals ranging from wild buffalos to crocodiles and even polar bears. The show is action-packed and filled with numerous heart-racing moments. Armed with huge machines, helicopters, airboats, the trio brings all the necessary action they probably can to the show. He works closely with a lot of scientists, cattle station owners, and lots more.

His major belief is that wild animals need to be relocated to put them and humans out of harm’s way. Instead of the crocodiles to be shot, Matt ensures he put them out of danger and into a safe and secure environment. He also starred in another TV series called Monster Croc Wrangler. He also has a book called Outback Adventures which is published with Penguin books. He made a brief appearance on Channel 7 in 2009 and the channel showed him catching a 5.6m long crocodile which weighed 850kg in the Northern Australian territory.

He was nominated for the AACTA Subscription TV award for Best Male Presenter and one an award for Award-winning tourism operator.

Matt Wright Net Worth

Matt Wright’s salary/net worth is estimated to be around $53,000 to $64,000. It might be more than this singe he does numerous jobs for National Geographic and he also has books published too.

Matt Wright Dating And Relationships

Much isn’t know about Matt Wright’s previous relationships but he married Kaia Wright on 10th November 2017. They met in 2014 when Kaia who has been single for a while, wished an angel will fall from the sky. That manifested itself as one after when Kaia was on a boat with a bunch of her friends and not looking to date anyone, a chopper flew in and landed in front of the group.

Matt was changed his outfit and jumped in. Kaia Wright believed it was fate that made the whole encounter happen, they dated for a while and got engaged on November 6th, 2016. They have a son together.

Matt Wright Kids

Matt and Kaia Wright have a son called Banjo Elliot Wright who was born on the 13th of August, 2019.

Matt Wright Body Measurements

Matt Wright’s body measurements aren’t certain, but it is known that he is taller than his wife Kaia Wright.

Matt Wright Properties: Cars And Houses

Not disclosed at the moment.

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