Pawn Stars Cast Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

Pawn Stars is a documentary series that follows the daily lives of a cast that deals gold and silver and airs on the History and A&E Networks. The American show rose the ranks over the decade since its inception in 2009 to become one of the most profitable shows on the History Network, fetching up to 3 million dollars per episode according to Celebrity Net worth.
The late Richard Benjamin ‘Oldman’ Harrison and his wife started the controversial but entertaining reality TV show 11 years back. Richard Harrison, his son, Rick Harrison and his grandson Corey Harrison, initially operated the shop located in the outskirts of Las Vegas. As of 2016, the show rated the most profitable show on History channel according to Pop Culture. Many wildly speculate the net worth of the cast. Find out how much the cast is really worth.

Richard Benjamin Harrison

Richard Harrison was the founder of the Pawn Star Shop with an initial capital of 5,000 US Dollars. Born in 1941 to a poor Irish family, Richard did not have the privilege to go to school, which therefore led him to start working at the early age of 14. Richard ‘Oldman’ Harrison was married to Joanne Rhue for over 50 years before his demise. They had four children together and one died at 6 years old from an illness. By the time of his death in 2018, the old man’s net worth was at an estimated 5 million dollars.

Austin Lee Russell ‘Chumlee’

Chumlee is a great friend of, and worked at the pawnshop, introduced to the business of silver and gold by Rick Harrison. Born in 1982, the 37-year old actor and businessperson became a reality TV star from casting in the Pawn Stars documentary series. Chumlee earns a salary of 25,000 dollars per episode, bringing his net worth to approximately 5 million dollars.

Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison was born in 1965. He shares similar traits in terms of their entrepreneurial spirit. He is a co-owner of the pawnshop based in Las Vegas and has accumulated approximately 8 million dollars from the show as of 2019. As of 2016, the man was bagging up to 15,000 dollars per episode. Rick however picked up the pace and put down 80% of his investments in blue chip companies hence the pawnshop is his only a part of his net worth.

Corey ‘Big Hoss’ Harrison

Corey Harrison was born in Las Vegas in 1983. Corey started working at the shop at the age of 9 polishing knobs and later, a manager at the store. Corey is a major contributor of the show, always bringing in drama and therefore more traffic for the show. Over the years, the 36-year old star and co-owner has accumulated up to 5 million dollars net worth according to the History Channel.

Dany Koker ‘The Count’

56 years old and still at it, Dany Koker is known as the count given that his passion in automobiles. The name comes from featuring in ‘County Cars’ and regularly on ‘American Pickers’. Coming into the ‘Pawn Stars’, he was specialized in estimating the value of motorcycles and automobiles. ‘The Count’ is the wealthiest cast member with his net worth at 13 million dollars.

Murray Sawchuck

Murray was born in Burnaby, British Columbia in 1973. The man is a regular on History Channel for his appearances on magic antique items. Murray Sawchuck’s acting career began in 1999 and he is still at it to date. He has also hosted live events in the past on the same network such as the ‘Jadagrace Show’ and the ’Murray the Magician Show’.

Rebecca Romney

Books expert, Rebecca Romney has gained experience working on rare books at the ‘Bowman rare books’ before being called to join ‘Pawn Stars’ on History Channel. Apart from being a cast member on the show, Rebecca runs her own company called ‘Honey and Wax Books’ which still deals in rare books. As rare as it is to find women casting on the show, Rebecca Romney’s net worth estimated at 3.5 million dollars.

Rick Dale

The ‘American Restorations’ series star currently in his late 40s discovered his interest in repairing bicycle at the age of 9. His father later started a shop ‘Rick Restorations’ in Las Vegas which collapsed, therefore leading him to cross paths with Rick Harrison of the Gold and Silver pawn shop, and the rest was history. The man’s net worth is now at an estimated 2.5 million dollars.

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