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My 600-lb Life’s Melissa Morris Bio, Age, Career, Husband, Weight Loss, Net Worth

If you’re having trouble with reducing your weight, observing a good diet, and regular exercise, Melissa Morris can tell you about it. She is a social media celebrity who gained fame from TLC’s production: My 600-lb Life. This show features people who are battling obesity. It attempts to follow up with their personal lives and the things they do to lose excess weight.

Melissa Morris has had a remarkable journey. In just one season of My 600-lb Life, she managed to lose more than 500 lbs. Her main reason was that she needed to avoid the shame, embarrassment, and misery caused by obesity. She also wanted children.

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Melissa Morris Age

Melissa has not disclosed her exact age at the moment but here’s a hint. At the time she joined My 600-lb life, Melissa was aged 31. The show’s season 1 was filmed for 7 years (2004-2011). If you do the math, what’s her age today?

Melissa Morris Biography

Melissa was born in Ohio, USA. She’s secretive with her personal information but maybe one day she’ll open up. The details of her parents remain a mystery though she recently shared a photo of her dad. He’s alive.

Melissa Morris Body Measurements: Height And Weight

Just a few years ago, Melissa Morris weighed over 600 lbs. Today, she weighs approximately 93 kg (205) lbs. Her height remains unknown.

Melissa noted that during her pregnancy she added 100 pounds which she couldn’t lose fast afterward. Why? She was stressed because the weight wouldn’t go down after the pregnancy. During her third pregnancy, she faced depression arising from her marriage.

However, she put her stress under control and continued on her quest to lose more weight.

She reduced her snack and carbohydrate (carbs) intake and frequently went to the gym.

Melissa Morris Career Details

Melissa got a job at Dr. Nowzaradan’s office in Houston, Texas. She referred to it as her “favorite place in the world”. From her announcement, she seemed to love the place and her job.

Today, Melissa runs her blog entitled Melissa she is in me and I am in Her. Here she shares how to maintain a good weight, what to do, and what to avoid. She also explains how to set goals and how to achieve them.

Is Melissa Morris Married?

Melissa is married to a guy named Chris Morris. They have 3 children namely Allona Gabrielle, Austin Wayne, and Elijah Payton whom they love so much. BUT like most marriages, theirs has also had its share of burdens.

The couple met back in 2007 and got married in 2000. Chris would help his wife in every way he could. He always supported her, prepared the meals, and did other things a loving husband would do. However, issues emerged as Melissa got into her third pregnancy. There were claims that Chris was cheating on her with many women and that Melissa divorced him.

Truth is; a separation occurred between Melissa and Chris. She became a single mom while Chris moved to another place. Melissa admits having a tough time raising her kids. She had to look out for them and herself. Fortunately, the couple solved their issues and got back together.

Melissa Morris Net Worth

Melissa’s net worth stands at $150,000. It is expected that this figure will grow in time. Melissa has a huge following on IG with over 12,000 fans and almost 4,000 followers on Twitter. She always gives her adoring fans tips on how to overcome obesity.
Melissa holds the thought that one should be aware of their bodies. You should not eat because of sadness, happiness, or other emotions. She believes that we should be mindful of the food we eat.

Where Is Melissa Morris Today?

A happy mother, a celebrity, and a successful woman. Melissa has a lot to thank Dr. Nowzaradan for his dedication to her health. He performed a successful Gastric Bypass, cutting Melissa’s weight by 500 lbs!

Today, Melissa is thankful for her children thanks to her reduced weight. She can do everything by herself now without the help of her husband. Even better, she is no longer miserable, ashamed, and unhappy.

One lesson she has taught us is that hard work pays in the long run. Obesity takes time to develop and so does getting back the right weight. Anything is possible as long as you set your goals and never give up.

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