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Nancy Juvonen Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Married, Husband Jimmy Fallon

Nancy Juvonen is a talented filmmaker, a mother of two, and wife of the famous Jimmy Fallon. The Finnish-descent celebrity has come from a humble beginning to the person she is today- a loving mother of 2 and a respectable filmmaker. After graduation, Nancy had to work on small jobs to pay her bills and make some extra cash. Her journey was not easy, but she made it.

This article provides some facts about Jimmy Fallon’s wife, Nancy Juvonen.

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Nancy Juvonen  Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life

Nancy Fallon was born in May 1967 in Connecticut. She is 52 years old (almost 53). On a special interview with her husband, Nancy admitted that she was born in Connecticut but raised in Marin County, California. Her parents are William Juvonen (father) and Pamela Juvonen (mother). She also has a sibling, a brother Jim Juvonen who is a film producer as well.

Sadly, her parents were not in terms. At the age of 4, Nancy witnessed her parents divorce. Her mom later passed away in 2011.

Nancy Juvonen Education Details

Nancy is a former student at the University of Southern California. She graduated with a degree in Sociology and Cooperative Education. She also worked as a personal flight attendant after graduation and other minor jobs to fit in society. She had no experience in her first job but pushed through to success.

Nancy Juvonen  Weight And Height

Nancy Juvonen is 5 foot 4 inches. Even after 50 years, Nancy has maintained a great shape. She has taken good care of herself. Today she weighs about 55 kgs.

Nancy Juvonen  Career Details

Nancy’s fame came alongside her marriage to Jimmy Fallon. However, her success is not entirely tied to the rich comedian. Shortly after graduation, Nancy had to look for a way to sustain herself. She worked on a number of odd jobs. These included cleaning houses in San Francisco, working in a ranch in Wyoming, and as a personal flight attendant for an artist who believed he could eradicate homelessness.

At the age of 27, she met Drew Barrymore through her brother Jim. Drew helped Juvonen change her life tremendously. Together, they created Flower Films film production company which is currently behind some really awesome movies. Remember the movie Never Been Kissed or Charlie’s Angels? Nancy Juvonen realized her passion for film making and made it her career.

Nancy Juvonen  Marriage Details

Nancy is married to the famous Jimmy Fallon. She was introduced to Drew Barrymore the actress by her brother Jim. Nancy and Drew worked together in the Flower Films construction company as they built their friendship.

In 2007, Drew Barrymore threw a party for Nancy. Of course, Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen had known each other for some time. They worked on Fever Pitch together. However, their true love story began at her birthday party. Jimmy and Nancy dated for 3 months before he popped the million-dollar question.

The proposal didn’t come that easy according to Jimmy. His first plan hit a dead end when Nancy surprised Jimmy with a date on the night he had planned to propose. His second plan went well. On Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro (Nancy’s family home) Jimmy proposed and she said yes. Neil Lane played a big role in designing the ring that Fallon proposed with.

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy now have two children, Winnie Rose and Frances Cole. Both children come from gestational surrogacy. Why? Jimmy Fallon admitted that they tried so hard to have kids but to no avail. Finally, they tried surrogacy, which worked.
Nancy loves her family so much. They spend a lot of time bonding and going on vacation whenever they’re free.

Nancy Juvonen  Net Worth

Nancy Juvonen has a net worth of $20 million, thanks to her career as a film producer. All her life, Nancy has worked hard to achieve what she wants.

Her fame reached its peak through Jimmy Fallon. And by the way, Nancy Juvonen is shy of cameras. She prefers to stay behind the camera.

Nancy Juvonen House And Cars

You might expect Nancy to be driving around in those fancy cars since she’s Jimmy Fallon’s wife. However, her most valued car is the one she got from Jimmy on her 50th birthday. The old VW bus had a cassette player on which Nancy played a collection of her favorite music given to her by Jimmy.

Nancy holds the VW dear. She says that it was proof that Jimmy listened to her. Women want to be heard.

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