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Nikki Six Bio, Age, Career, net Worth, Height, Weight, Marriage, Divorce

The American Musician was born on 11th December, 1958 at San José, California, United States. He will be turn 62 years come December this year. His birth name is Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna Jr. which he later changed to Nikki Sixx.

Nikki Six Parents, Early Life

After his birth, his father Frank Sr. abandoned his mother, leaving her alone to raise him. In his early life, he was however raised by his mother Deana and grandparents. Always on the move, his educational life was affected as he attended over seven different schools within 11 years.

He later got expelled from school for dealing with drugs, while living in Jerome, Idaho. Shocked by this juvenile delinquency, his grandparents sent him back to live with his mother in Seattle.

Nikki Six Career Details

He developed a liking for music but short of resources to purchase an instrument, his first ever guitar was a stolen one which he eventually exchanged for a bass one. Venturing into music, at the age 17, he moved to Los Angeles and took on odd jobs to make ends meet. His passion didn’t die within him while he did odd jobs. Instead, he auditioned severally for various bands until he was selected by the Group Sister, led by Blackie Lawless.

Later fired from the band in 1978, he and a colleague, Lizzie Grey, formed their own band, London. He again left to form his new “Heavy Metal Band” and later founded Motley Crue with drummer Tommy Lee, guitarist Mick Mars and singer Vince Neil. He recorded a number of successes, especially with his national hit, Shout at the Devil, recorded and released in 1983.
The American musician doesn’t only play the instrument but he is a songwriter, a photographer and a radio host. He is equally the co-founder and primary songwriter of his Motley Crue and its best bassist.

He has written and authored several works, with the very first being, The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band. It was a major success for him and it earned a place on the New York Times best-seller for 10 weeks. There are many other achievements he earned and he got involved with a radio show called “Sixx Sense” which came to a conclusion in 2017. He also engaged in some form of humanitarian work, where he joined Covenant House 2005, in launching the “Running Wild in the Night Initiative”, which provides services for homeless and runaway youths.

Nikki Six Marriage Details, Family

Married to playboy playmate Brandi Brandt in 1989, they had three children: Gunner Nicholas (1991), Storm Brienna (1994) and Decker Nilsson (1995). Sixx and Brandt later divorced the following year, 1996 and only a month later, the musician later remarried actress Donna D’Errico. They had one daughter, Frankie-Jean Mary (2001). They had many ups and downs, separated, got back together and finally divorced in 2007. Seven years later, Sixx for the third time remarried model Courtney Bingham.

Nikki Six Struggle With Addictions

He had been struggling with substances for years to keep him going. In 1987, precisely December 23rd, he had an overdose which led to the announcement that he had passed away, this for about two minutes. Resuscitated by paramedics, he was rushed to the hospital and ran away only to again shoot up in his bathroom. After the near death experience, he and his team went for rehab. Recovering from the experience, together with his band, they produced their most successful album to date, Dr. Feel good (1989) which remained on the shelves for 114 weeks. His apparently longest success charts.

Nikki Six Net Worth

Nikki Sixx is said to have a net worth of about $45 million, statistics according to Celebrity Net Worth. The greater part of his financial stamina was from his success with Motley Crue. He however diversified his investments, making use of his skills and talent as radio host, fashion designer and photographer. He owns a mansion in Westlake village and it appears to have been on sale in the Calabasas community at $2.399 million. He however spent $4.125 million on the purchase of his Westlake Village house which covers square feet of 10,300 living space, as last updated on July 25th 2014.

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