Steve Darnell Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married. Meet His Wife

Meet the creative tv celebrity with tons of ideas on how to make your car better than it ever was! He can turn any machine into a work of art thanks to his experience and talent. Steve Darnel is an experienced engineer by passion. He stars in the Canadian-funded Vegas Rat Rods, which has made him very famous. Steve Darnell works alongside his two sons in customizing customer vehicles. He makes a fortune from the show and his services. Steve Darnell came a long way from a simple ranchman in Montana to the man he is today.

This article summarizes all you need to know about him.

Steve Darnell Age

Steve Darnell was born in Billing, Montana, and grew up there. He normally celebrates his birthday on 1st Dec but at the moment, little information is available about his exact birth dates or his wife’s.

Steve Darnell Education Details

Steve went to Skyview High school (High Sierra Boulevard) before starting his career. He loved wrestling and was part of a wrestling team in Skyview and Castle Rock middle school. His coach Rich Malia noticed his passion for machines and advised him to join an Automotive trades program to perfect his skill. Later, Rich Malia would become his first client!

Steve Darnell Height And Weight

There is no specified information about Steve’s height and weight. But from his show, we can see that he is a well-built man. He is an American national with average height. The well-kept shape can be attributed to his occupation dealing with heavy machines.

Steve Darnell Career Details

Steve Darnell was a ranchman before he got into engineering. He established Welder Up while in Montana to help in his workshop. Steve’s work mostly revolved around repairing heavy equipment. In 2008, he customized his own car by taking a Dodge Pickup Cummins diesel engine (5.9L) and put it in a 1993 Dodge Sedan. Steve then took the car to a car show and it got a lot of attention. After marveling at the outcome, customers started making requests for customized cars. Steve then moved to Las Vegas to grow his new Hot Rod business.

Steve Darnell’s engineering career started in an unusual way. His high school wrestling coach was his first client. Here’s the story: Coach wanted a bicycle for his daughter’s Christmas gift. He thought instead of buying, why not just build one? So the coach approached Steve and asked him to build a bicycle. He knew that Darnell had a thing for creating stuff. Coach’s daughter loved the bicycle.

Steve Darnel’s tv career started as a sleeper hit (meaning it wasn’t supposed to happen). Nobody saw it coming. It all started when a Canadian production company noticed Steve’s talent. They approached Darnell and together, they created “Vegas Rat Rods”. Vegas Rat Rods follows Steve Darnell and his crew “The Welder Up Crew” in their quest to design and redesign vehicles. The show was aired on Discovery Channel. But how would they seek Canadian funding?

The solution was to hire a Canadian (Cheyenne Ruether) actor to increase Canadian content. Nobody knew what a hit it would soon be.

Steve Darnell Marriage Details

There is not much information on this matter. Steve has done a great job of keeping a few vital details from the limelight. BUT we can confirm that Steve Darnell is married with 2 sons Chase Darnell and Kash Darnell. The two brothers work alongside their father. They have demonstrated an interest in machines. Chase and Kash Darnell are also best buds. Rumor has it that Steve has been married for a long time now. However, details about his wife remain a mystery.

Steve Darnell Net Worth

Steve Darnell makes a lot of money from his career. It is estimated that a full make-over may cost between $80,000 to $100,000. His role on Vegas Rat Rods has also given him a huge following on Instagram (over 200K followers). His net worth is estimated at over $13 million. There is no information on what property he owns.

Steve also made his appearance on The Gavin McInnes Show. He also created the costumes and video props used in the production of the Five Finger Death Punch: House of the Rising Sun.

Steve Darnell is living proof that people can make through their passions and talents. He is a role model to his sons and more importantly, his adoring fans.

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