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Susan Candiotti Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Susan Candiotti is 66 years-old American investigative journalist who recently worked for CNN. She was born on December 6, 1953, in Cleveland, the State of Ohio (Southern shore of Lake Erie), in the United States of America.

Susan Candiotti attended the Loyola University of Chicago, where she graduated with honors. She also went abroad and visited Loyola’s Campus in Rome.

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Susan Candiotti Career Details

Susan Candiotti began her journalism career as a reporter at WPLG-TV, located in Miami in 1986. She became famous when her, together with Bob Graham and Paula Hawkins, hosted a debate about common issues being faced by Florida and the United States of America.

In 1994 she joined Cable News Network (CNN) as a national respondent, where she has covered a lot of stories during his tenure. She spent 21 yrs. at CNN.

In 1995, Susan investigated the Oklahoma City Bombing, which occurred on Alfred.P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, USA. The bombing killed 168 people and 700 others injured. It destroyed 300 buildings causing a total damage of $600 million.

In 1996 while in Montana, Susan investigated the extradition of Theodore Kaczynski, who was an American Terrorist and a former professor of mathematics. He perfomed numerous bombings where it left 3 people dead and hundreds injured.

In 1996, She investigated the TWA Flight 800 crash. The flight was from USA on its way to France when it exploded on the way and crashed. It killed all the people who were on board.

In 1996, Susan covered the story where the ValuJet Flight 592 crashed. The plane had bad safety records and it had been halted for several months before resuming. When it resumed it had few passengers who were willing to use their services. During the accident 110 people died including passengers and the crew. The accident was caused as a result of goods that were not properly placed on the plane.

In 2000, She investigated the story of the EgyptAir Flight 990 that crashed in international waters. The flight was moving from Los Angeles to Cairo. The crash seemed to be intentional not accidental as suggested.

In 2000, Susan shifted to political issues where she covered the recounting of votes in Florida. It was during the presidential elections of George Bush and Al Gore. Court had ordered the recount of votes but was later halted by Supreme court which saw Bush win with a majority of the elections.

In 2001, she was among the team who covered the terrorism story that happened on September 11 2001. The group, together with her, comprised how the attack occurred. The same year, she explained how terrorists were planning and how they were purchasing the tools they were going to use to bomb the Newyork City Subway System.

In 2002, Susan Candiotti published an article about Elian Gonzalez, who was found in Immigration controversy between the governments of the United States of America and Cuba.

In April 2013, during the Boston Marathon Bombings. The attack left 3 people dead and hundreds injured. The bombings suspects were later arrested by FBI who were found to be brothers. Susan was among the reporters who covered the story of the bombings and the proceedings of the investigations.

In January 2010, during the Haiti Earthquake, which had a magnitude of 7.0 mW. Three million people were affected and caused the death of 150,000. Susan was among the CNNs team to reach the site.

In 2011, Candiotti covered the whole story where Jerry Sandusky, the assistant coach of Penn State Nittany Lions football team, committed more than fifty cases of child sex abuse. She even went ahead and revealed the plan to protect Jerry Sandusky from facing the counts.

In December 2012, during the shooting occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, a student killed more than 20 people in Newtown. Susan went ahead and brought the story alive.

In 2008, Susan also covered political stories in the 2008 presidential campaigns involving Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Susan has covered a lot of stories during her work at CNN.

Susan Candiotti Net Worth

Susan Candiotti Net worth s around $8 Million

Susan Candiotti Parents

Her parents were Kirchoff and Margaret Ja

Susan Candiotti Body Measurements

She has a weight of 58kg and a height of 1.56m

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