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Who Is Amiri King? Know His Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Wife, Family

Amiri King was born on the 10th of July, 1979 in Louisville, Kentucky, America. He is 40 years old American and is a YouTube star by profession. His birth name is Tony Donovan Schork. Later, he changed his name to Amiri King in 1998. His mother’s name is Sharon Brown Colvin while his father’s name is not revealed yet.

Amiri King Body Measurements

This famous personality has an average height of 6 feet, weight is 80 kg and he possesses a muscular body. His eyes color is light brown and he has short hairs of brown color. Amiri King is famous in people as in mustachio and beard face. His zodiac sign is Cancer so that’s why he is moody as well as creative by nature. He has taken good care of his health. He took dietary plans and his macho body is maintained due to his extra care.

Amiri King Bio: Early Life

Amiri King had spent a very tough and challenging childhood that made him stronger. When he was 8 years old, he was admitted to a mental hospital as he was facing some temperament issues. At the age of 11, he runs from the institution and got involved in some shady business. Due to his activities, he was jailed for three years and was charged first degree armed robbery.

After this experience, King used to advise local schools about the increasing crime rate and the people falling in crime.
After this tough time, he reformed himself and improved his life after spending a span of time behind bars. After this change, he turned to comedy and started his YouTube channel.

Amiri King Career Details

Amiri King is not known to the world before the YouTube channel. He created a channel on YouTube and start working on it. After some years, he made his Twitter account in 2008 and he posted his first tweet “I am typing in what I am doing…which is typing in what I am doing.” Many of his outstanding videos pertaining to “Chevy Silverado Parody 2” and “Chevy Colorado Parody” attained 5million views and people loved it. He has a bright career and he is well known by his series titled “My Vlog is Better Than Yours”. He has more than 290,000 subscribers has 15 million streams. He is called a con-man and a comedian. Unfortunately, his channel suspended due to some reasons, but Amiri King didn’t give up.

This famous personality has made its identity by posting amazing images and videos, blogs, and vlogs on social media. The famous YouTube channel RoyalMediaMafia is also controlled by this talented man. His videos and blogs are mostly about parodies and cars. He got quick attention from the people. This channel worked so far and he got 74 million views and 300,000 subscribers. He has also gone presented on the Reader’s Digest cover page due to his remarkable work that is been done three times.

In the year 2014, he became the star. He was cast in the film “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with Rick and Ed.” Moreover, he was been assigned as Leo Magazines Readers’ Choice Best Comedian twice and he achieved Silver Play Button on YouTube. By running a YouTube channel, he became a popular celebrity and he had a lot of fans that used to follow him and keep waiting for his next comedian videos.

Some controversies hit the man and affected his performance when he spoke some wrong on his social media accounts. In 2016, his reward was canceled due to this tragedy. Now, he is serving as an editorial and advisory board of members of Tribune.

Is Amiri King Married To Wife?

The current marital status of Amiri King is married. He got married to an Irish girl named Sara Ruminski. He has blessed with three daughters namely Tilly, Kennedy, and Marcy. They are residing in Nicholasville, Kentucky with his family.

Amiri King Net Worth

In 2020, Amiri King has an estimated net worth of $250 thousand and he has made his luck through his YouTube comedy. He had a large number of fans that love the way Amiri presents himself.

Amiri King Personal Life

King is the kind of person who wants to keep his personal life away from media. He wants to prevent his family from social gossips. He hasn’t posted any picture of his wife but sometimes he posted some of the pictures with his three daughters. Along with this, he keeps on posting funny pictures and videos on his Instagram account as well runs his YouTube channels.

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