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Cat Sandion is one of the most talented TV presenters as well as performers. Born on 8th September 1985, with present age 34, Cat Sandion is the person who phrased “TV is not going to grow old”!

She is generous and a kind-hearted person, who owns the ability to drive and inspire other people around her with her tremendous passion for traveling, health and arts. She encourages everyone around her to pursue what he or she loves! She was born in South East London, and spent her initial years until high school graduation there itself.

Cat Sandion Career Details

With the award winning preschool channel CBeebies by BAFTA, she co-presented the famous BBC’s Worldwide ‘CBeebies Africa’. After working for them for half a year, she got an offer from UK’s absolutely favorite Preschool Channel to be their core presenter, where she voiced and promoted the app of CBeebies, which should phenomenal results with a figure of more than 2 million downloads within 6 months of start. She also voiced fro two additional series of the BBC Learning called ‘Lets Move’. She was eloquent and very keen to interact with large gatherings and audiences, and hence presented the ‘Mr. Bloom and Friends Tour’ during the coming summer, which was of course a great success!

One of her challenging yet rewarding adventures that I recall was when she was asked to present her links in Lapland, which had freezing temperature of about minus 30 degrees during the time of Christmas. She is a full package when she comes upon the stage and narrates with absolute ease! Her debut CBeebies TV Panto ‘A CBeebies Christmas Carol reached great heights as soon as it was aired on the channel BBC1 on the Eve of Christmas. After this huge success and such great reviews, she Cat remained at BBC I Player. She is a combination of perfectionism and professionalism; She has an expertise in presenting thrives and locations on the uncertainties that might occur in cases of working outdoors, working with general public and working with the animals. She readily adapts to multiple environments, which makes her enigmatic and always a pleasure to work with! Apart from this she has a deep interest in running, dancing and sharing the toys. She performed at Cannes TV festival Mipcorn after her graduation in 2008 and also presented in the famous UK and Ireland tour of Hi5 surprise, which was at Hammersmith in Abu Dhabi.

Cat Sandion Body Measurements

Her height is 5ft 1.5inches.

Cat Sandion Parents

Her parents are Mauritian. She also has a brother, Andy. She was just 5 years old when she started dancing and performing at her school. Her love for performing turned into her career when she got admitted at the premier institute in Croydon, The BRIT School.

This School actually served as the training grounds for the infamous Adele, Leona Lewis and Amy Winehouse. She had to thrive hard in the initial 3 years where she had to face challenges in performance opportunities, including the dance shows at the BRIT Awards for the band Blue and the legendary Tom Jones as well as on BBC Bands Unsigned. She then secured a whopping 100% scholarship to train herself at the BRIT College, wherein she got her BA Honors degree in the field of Dance and Theatre Performance. This marked her completion in her training period of professional dancing, singing and acting.

Cat Sandion Net Worth

Her net worth is still as a matter of fact not disclosed but this British television presenter has definitely reached heights at a very young age of her career!

Cat Sandion Husband And Kids

Cat Sandion was not that old when she got famous and she has always had the same enthusiasm and keenness when on television. She never openly spoke about her relationships in particular but the fans and followers derived about the engagement with Oliver Davis when she had misplaced her ring at the Promenade Park in Malden, Essex.

The more anxious she is to talk about her married life, the more open she is about her kids. She has two boys and a daughter namely, Andy Sandion, Danny Sandion and Sadie Sandion respectively. She has as beautiful a family as she is!

Cat Sandion House And Cars

She lives in London and the cars owned by her still remains a mystery as Cat Sandion is particularly very personal about her life and doesn’t like to disclose much to the media.

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