What Happened To Nick Groff And Why Did He Leave Ghost Adventure?

Nick Groff is a famous paranormal investigator whose popularity reached its peak with the show “Ghost Adventure”. After disagreements with co-producers, Nick left the show on account of tv politics. It came as a devastating report but his huge fan base has always followed him wherever he goes. Many are wondering what happened to him and where he went. This article outlines a few facts about Nick’s whereabouts and what really made him depart Ghost Adventure and Paranormal Lockdown. We’re eagerly awaiting his next big move.

Nick Groff Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life

40-year-old Nick Groff was born on April 19th, 1980. He was born in San Jose California. Not much is known about his parents though. Young Nick loved exploring weird places with courage. At the age of 8, he was involved in a life-threatening accident where he fell off a tree and blacked out. Two years later, he saw what appeared to be a black figure.
In an attempt to distinguish between imagination and what he really saw, Nick had just discovered his career. Today, he is known for his paranormal investigations in the show “Paranormal Lockdown”.

Nick Groff Education Details

Nick Groff attended collegiate years at the University of Nevada, where he graduated with a degree in filming.

Nick Groff Weight And  Height

Recent stats reveal that Nick Groff is 1.85m tall, weighing 176 pounds (80kg). He has a slim, well-kept shape.

Nick Groff Career Details: The Twists And Turns

Nick’s career can be traced back to his childhood when he saw a ‘black figure’. This vision created conflict between his reasoning and he had a hard time explaining this mystery. It gave rise to his career today. Nick had his humble beginning as a cameraman for the show Vegas Stripped.

In 2004, Nick teamed up with Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin to create “Ghost Adventures”. Ghost Adventures is a reality show that first premiered on SyFy in October 2008. It followed Nick and his partners as they visited some of the most haunted places. Ghost Adventures launched Nick’s popularity as it gained him a huge fan base. In November 2004, Nick abruptly announced that he would no longer host Ghost Adventures.

This came as a surprise and an unanswered question to date. But the rumor is, Nick either got fired for breach of contract or they had a huge fight with Zak Bagans or both.

By producing the “Ghost Stalkers” show, Nick had breached the contract with Zak. Apart from that Nick also promoted the show Paranormal Lockdown which had a huge following. It can be considered part of the contract breach and Zak fired him. The second claim was that he had a fallout with Zak. There is not much detail into this. However, most people concluded that Nick left Ghost Adventure to launch Paranormal Lockdown. What do you think happened?

Paranormal Lockdown was first aired in 2016. It featured a 72-hour lockdown of Nick and his fellow investigators in haunted places as they attempted to unveil unexplained mysteries. Unfortunately, the show was canceled owing to the inevitable television politics. For a second time, he was forced to leave a hit show. What really happened? Nick blamed politics and stated that it was not his choice to leave. He admitted that he loved his work and was disappointed that tv politics would always get in the way.

Nick Groff Marriage Details

Nick Groff is a straight man. He has been married to Veronique Groff since 2004. They live in Massachusetts with their 2 kids; Annabelle Groff and Chloe Groff. Nick Groff and Veronique Roussel have been married for more than 10 years now. Theirs is a happily ever after.

Nick Groff Net Worth

Nick Groff’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. He has very many die-hard fans on Twitter and Instagram. His appearances on other tv shows and series such as Vegas Stripped and Nightline have greatly boosted his worth.

Nick loves his job. He loves what he does. Despite leaving two successful hit shows, he has mentioned that it wasn’t his fault he had to leave. He blames television politics for ruining great shows. However, Nick thanks his fans for their support throughout.

Rumour has it that Nick will return with something much greater but nobody knows what it is or when it’s coming.

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