FOX 5 Ines Rosales Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Ethnicity, Married, Career, Net Worth, Family

Ines Rosales is a reporter on FOX 5. She is one of the most popular metro traffic reporters. At the beginning of her career, Ines also served as a field traffic reporter, a freelance traffic anchor, and even a camera operator.

Ines Rosales Body Measurements

Rosales is a beautiful lady with a height of 5 feet 2 inches. Her career is a more significant beauty mark than her spell-bounding looks.

Ines Rosales Bio: Age, Early Life, Family

Ines was born and spent her life in Bellville, New Jersey. Her birthday is on August 2, 1982. Her family background roots back to Guatemala. Most of her relatives are still there. She has siblings named Juan and Will.

Ines Rosales Education Details

When it comes to her education, Ines has graduated with a Bachelors’ Of Arts degree. She went to university in Montclair in New Jersey. The name of her university is the University of Montclair. She has achieved a lot in the field of journalism, thanks to her degree in arts. She worked at her school broadcast station WBHS in her school life. Her teacher inspired her to pursue broadcast journalism Ines claimed.

Ines Rosales Career Details

After graduation, Ines worked as a camera operator and operated the sky and working cameras. She used to take beauty shots and road incidents. She would also answer any question the on-air traffic reporter had. She got promoted after three years as a fill-in traffic reporter. She provided traffic updates in New York on television and radio in Spanish and the English language.
When Stacy-Ann Gooden left to work with the news network, RNN Ines started her real career as she replaced Stacy. As soon as Rosales got to know about the job opening, she auditioned for it and was added to their full-time staff. Although Ines’ job was hard, it was also exciting, and now she was getting into the groove of it.

Rosales, a New Jersey native, has worked with Mike Woods, who is a meteorologist. Rosales originally wanted to work behind the scenes but decided to try her hand in front of the camera. She has enjoyed giving her traffic reports to the city ever since.
According to a website HooBrook, in her early days, Rosales was also a bartender at Lana Lounge. In July 2010, there was a report that Rosalez had been intoxicated while she was at her job. She was given medical assistance at the Hoboken University Medical Centre for being under the influence of alcohol.

Is Ines Rosales Dating Any Boyfriend?

Even though she has a successful career, there have not been many rumors of her any rumors of her dating someone from the inside or outside her profession.

One of the common rumors about Ines is that she might be dating her fellow broadcaster Mike Wood. In October 2015, the two re-enacted kiss cam photos on the camera. Since then, the rumors about them dating has gone viral all over social media. There have been rumors about them being engaged. Still, the duo has never given importance to them and have maintained silence on this subject. However, the two have never even denied the fact about being together, which has given the rumors arise. After all the years of talks and silence, one thing gave everyone a reason to think that these rumors were false. Ines posted a picture on Mikes 51st Birthday on Instagram, and the caption mentioned Mike as her elder brother. This stopped all the falsehoods which were linking them as a couple.

As per reports, the real life-partner of Ines, was Brian Renda, who is a policeman based on New Jersey, although there is not much information regarding their relationship.

However, it is known that the two were married for quite some time. Nevertheless, the two parted ways without revealing the reason for their split.

Ines Rosales shared the news that she will be taking some time off of social media due to some personal reasons. Before her disclosure, fans wondered if the reporter has been off-air because she got engaged or got married.

Ines Rosales And Giving Back To The Community

Rosales believes in giving back to the community by inspiring young adults. She visited Alma Mater in October 2010 to speak about the industry she is in.

Ines Rosales Hobbies

Ines loves attending concerts with her friends. She also enjoys listening to Selena Quintanilla, dubbed the “Queen of Tex-Mex.” Her favorite song from the late artist is “Como La Flor.”

Ines enjoys visiting museums, hiking the Palisades, and relaxing at the beach in her spare time. She loves dogs and has a pet dog named Ralphie.

Ines Rosales Net Worth, Salary

Ines Rosales has collected a decent amount of money, which, as per estimation made by various sources, is believed to be over $0.5 million. Rosales’ annual salary ranges from $52K-$58K.

The media personality also worked for WNBC, where she was paid $71962 as an annual salary. Sources report that Rosales owns a house in New Jersey.

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