Is David Chalian Gay Or Married To Wife? Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Body Measurements

David Marc Chalian full name and birth name, a political analyst and a season journalist, he is a white ethnicity of America. Born on 20th July, 1973, he is working in CNN as the political director overseeing the political coverage across all of CNN’s platforms worldwide. He took over the position from his former boss Mark Preston, CNN former political director in 2014. David both parents are working class people. His late father Robert P. Chalian was a salesman in the garment industry in New York City.

David Chalian Education Details

Mother Carol A. Krimko Chalian, a retired classroom teacher at Frank J. Dugan Elementary School in Marlboro. He went to Marlboro High School, New Jersey where he had is formal education in 1991. He graduated from the University of Northwestern in Evanston, Illinois. Where he graduated with a BA (Bachelor of Arts) honour degree, he is a tall good looking gentleman with a good healthy body and great shape.

David Chalian Bio: Age, Early Life

David Chalian, he started is journalism career after graduation from the University where he was employ in NY1 News in New York City where he present the Night news program called Inside City Hall. He later moved on to another broadcasting station named the ABC News as the political director, he feature as an analyst on Good Morning America. He also covered the Nightline and ABC World News with co-star Diane Sawyer. His career grows as he moved from one employment and a position to another position. Working as a political editor and a co-anchor analyst for PBS News hour and later moved up the ladder to become the Vice President for Video Programming at Politico.

David Chalian Career Details

David, following his love and dream of becoming a distinguished journalist after graduating from the University, he followed is passion, he worked in Yahoo as their News anchor Washington bureau for a short period before he was fired for utterances liable for disrespectful comments during an online broadcast. Leaving Yahoo Station, he later apologized to the family of Governor and Mrs. Romney for his unruly act and comments to them. He switches over to CNN as a political director and sometimes features as a political analyst on programs like the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer and New Day. Till date of this review he still works in CNN cable news channel as their political director.

David Chalian Achievements

David Chalian all through his years working as a presenter, journalist and a political analyst he has attracted some criticism to himself that lead him to be sack from work, such places like Yahoo News Station, etc. He won an Emmy Award for being part of the crew that produced the ABC News Presidential inauguration coverage; he created and co-anchored the daily political webcast, called Top Line in 2009 January. He was also nominated for News & Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Interview, also for News & Documentary Emmy Award as part of crew members the produces ABC News’ presidential inauguration campaign coverage. He is unique in his speech and very bold when interviewing political figures in his show. CNN political director, David Chalian who is considered to be the man with influential analyzing skills and deep know how knowledge. Despite some little stigma attach to his name and credibility and controversies, he has made & distinguished himself out as one of the political analyst & directors in CNN and the media world today.

David Chalian Personal Life

David Chalian lives a very quiet life who love keeping to himself & not talk about other people that is why much of his personal life stories is not known. David Chalian he is a gay & lives in Washington DC with his estrange husband called Justin Tyler Bernstine, since 4th of November, 2017. Bernstine occupy a position in American University, Department or School of Communication as Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Studies. Both of them are living happily ever after. Despite David born of a Jewish & Armenian parents he is an American nationality & ethnicity, with a good Christian background, he decide to become gay.

Quick Facts About David Chalian

Bio: White ethnicity, American.

Wiki: July 20th, 1973.

Age: 36 years old. He will be 37 years in July this year.

Career: A Political Director, Political Analyst and a journalist

Girl friend: Not Disclosed

Boy friend: Yes, Gay

Net worth: Not Disclosed but his salary is between $159,436 per month on average

Dating: Married

Husband: Justin Tyler Bernstine

Parents: Robert P. Chalian, father & Carol A. Krimko Chalian, mother

Kids: Not Disclosed

Body measurements: His height is 5ft. 4inch (162cm)

Cars: Not Disclosed

House: Not Disclosed

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