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Life Below Zero Cast Ricko DeWilde Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Ricko DeWilde is a famous talented Reality Star, Survival, Gatherer and marvelous Indian- American hunter. He is a new cast of a hit TV show “Life Below Zero “of BBC Worldwide on National Geographic. This is a documentary TV series, which shows daily and seasonally life the hunters. Also describes their lifestyle and food living in remote areas of Alaska?

Ricko DeWilde Bio: Date Of Birth, Age

There is no any information about Ricko DeWild’s date of birth. But seeing his physical appearance he looks like 45 or 46 years old.

Ricko DeWilde Lifestyle

He grew up in a small village North Fork near Husilia, Alaska with a traditional lifestyle and its harsh winter. He and his siblings raised in a strong Native American style. They got their water from frozen river and for food they harvested vegetables, fat Bull Moose and bears from land. His family had no knowledge and overture with the modern civilization. Their house is like a camp bas and they were home based school. Their father thought them how to be proficient in all surviving skills including hunting, gathering and trapping. Their life is totally different from a modern civilization; we can say that his family is not modern.

Ricko DeWilde Parents And Siblings

Ricko‘s father name is Lloyd and his mother name is Amelia. He is the 11th child out of their 14 children. No more further information about his Siblings.

Ricko DeWilde Education Details

Ricko never went to any school. They were home based- school and grew up in camps. He got trained from his father.

Ricko DeWilde Skills

Ricko learned at their homeschool and he has the surviving skills of hunting, gathering and trapping in extreme weather and very tough life.

Ricko DeWilde Family Name

Ricko DeWild’s family name is DeWilde.

Ricko DeWilde Ethnicity

Ricko DeWild is an Indian -American origin from his parents.

Ricko DeWilde Marriage Details

Of course then hunting man is married with a beautiful woman named Rona Vent. He loves his wife very much. But there is no any information is available of his wife and marriage. Their marriage life is goes very happy and romantic with their five kids.

Ricko DeWilde Children

Ricko DeWild has 5 children, three daughters Simone, Scarlett and Maya and two sons Skyler and Keen. Ricko is a good father as well as he is a good hunter. Just as Ricko’s father trained him, so Ricko is training his childrens.His kids are very impressed and happy with their father popularity.

Ricko DeWilde Career As A Reality Star

Ricko Dewild is the new cast of Life below Zero in is 11th season. The show launched in2013 and will complete its 100th seasons. Ricko DeWild performed amazing in this show with his hunting talent and skills. This show has opened the door of fame, success and money for him.

Ricko DeWilde Arrested

Ricko DeWilde has also been a prisoner. He spent two years in prison because of keeping cocaine due to this He was punished for two years. That was the bad event for Ricko’s life. After prison he left drugs. According to Ricko he cleared for 15 years and the accident gave a new twist to his life. When he left drugs, he feels much better. It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman, but here is seems that behind every successful man there is an accident.

Ricko DeWilde Net Worth

The net worth of Ricko Dewild is around $150.000.his earning is comes from TV show” Life below Zero”. He is satisfy with his net worth and lives a pleased life with his wife and children. This is not the end point oh his wealth, he work hard for increasing his net worth.
Ricko DeWild House and Car: There is no information about Ricko house and car, but to be up dated as soon as he is uploaded.

Ricko DeWilde Social Media Presence

Ricko DeWild is very active on social media plateform.He stands with millions of his followers on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.He also has an official page for his apparel company. There are millions of followers and views on his page.

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