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Imagine watching a football game without a defence team? A game with no one to stop the strong passes? Boring beyond imagination, right? The football defence team plays a major role in making a game worth watching. So let’s talk about the greatest of all defenders, Steven Douglas Israel. His personal life, career and net worth estimation.

Steve Israel Early Life

Steven Israel is a former football centre-back defender whose life revolves around soccer. To him soccer is life. Steve has played soccer since his high school days until he retired. In high school, he played at Haddon Heights high school and in college at the University of Pittsburgh. After college, at the age of 23 years he was lucky to be absorbed by the American National Football League (NFL). He played for several NFL teams including New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams, and New Orleans Saints.

Steve’s passion for soccer did not end with his retirement from the NFL. It is beautiful how one person can have so much love for football. After his retirement, Steve joined ESPNU and Sports, renowned American sports television channels as a college football and professional football analyst. His unmatched love for football saw him chair the Gridiron Luncheon Series in Charlotte and create EndZone Luncheon series. The two events aim at bringing together the business leaders and footballers through the most loved sport – Football.

Steven Israel’s Net Worth

There are no previous reports with speculation of Steve’s net worth. But, according to previous statistics, the NFL pays its players well. In 1992, when Steven Israel joined NFL, the minimum annual salary for a beginner player was estimated to be $414,000 with an annual increment of 19.6%. So, for the 10 years, Steven played for NFL must have earned him several million dollars.

As the chair of Gridiron Luncheon Series in Charlotte and the launch of EndZone Luncheon series also has a great impact on his net worth. Steve also works a college and professional football analyst in two well-known television channels and as a guest analyst in other sports channels. He also works as the deputy president and as a financial advisor at the Bank of America, a private bank. So, following his many sources of income, your guess is as good as mine, Steven Israel is a multi-millionaire.

Steven Israel Career Details

Steven Israel started as a high school football player in Haddon Heights. He further enhanced his talent at Pittsburgh University where he played for the college team. Alongside his soccer-playing, he studied Bachelor of Arts in Economics. After high school, he played for different NFL teams for 10 years. After retiring from football at the age of 33 years, he joined Fox Sports and ESPNU as a high school football analyst.

As an economist, he works for the Bank of America as the vice president and private client advisor. He is known for working closely and offering financial advice for the high net worth individuals especially footballers. As the president of Gridiron Luncheon Series in Charlotte he mentors and empowers business leaders and footballers. Through his event, EndZone Luncheon series, footballers are given a platform to mingle with business leaders and to learn on the best niches to invest in.

Steven Israel Is Married To Lorae Israel

Behind every successful man, there is a woman. The great former defender is married to Lorae Israel and together they are blessed with four children.


Steven Israel was born and raised in Lawnside, New Jersey in USA. He is an active member of his church. He currently reside in Charlotte with his wife Laroe Israel and their four children.

Steven Israel can be described as an analytical, advisor, loyal and passionate person. His analytical and advisory persona are well shown in his mentoring events and as a financial private advisor.


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