Is Rick Ness Married To Wife Or Dating Girlfriend? Know His Age, Career, Net Worth

The star of a long running TV series, an expert mine worker, and a gifted musician — Rick Ness. If you have heard of Gold Rush, a long-time Discovery Channel show regarding gold mining, then you have undoubtedly heard of Rick Ness, one of the most outstanding cast members for the show. He has been on Gold Rush for over seven years and has been a part of each season after the second. He still stars on the show and is an all-time favorite for all regular fans. He is one of the most effective miners on the show and has created quite the name for himself within the past few years.

Rick Ness Bio: Age, Siblings, Early Life

Born on the 5th of March 1981, Ness was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, alongside his twin brother. This year, he turns thirty-nine. Ness was at first a footballer throughout his school years, however, an unfortunate incident involving a head injury marked the end of his sports career, and he took a sharp turn and determined to start a music group referred to as the “.357 Stringband”.

Rick Ness Career Details

The band has come out with several albums over the last seven years. When they launched into a world tour for their music, the band was invited to perform live at the Southeast Alaskan State Fair, where Ness met Parker Schnabel, the leader of the Parker crew (aka big nugget Crew) within the series Gold Rush, and his interest in mining was piqued.

The newest addition to the team turned out to be a stunning natural at mining, and quickly rose towards the best of the best within the show. He had shown sensible talent in mining throughout his initial few appearances, thus, he decided to go into future work with Gold Rush. He was already good at operating heavy machinery due to his work in his family-owned-and-operated construction company and went on to become one of the most efficient operators in loaders, dozers, and graders throughout the third season. As a noteworthy excavator, Ness gained a vast quantity of fans and a good rapport.

However, he has disclosed his plans to steer his own operation, substituting Todd Hoffman as the new Mine Boss in Season nine of the series. Departing Parker’s crew was, of course, a troublesome call for him to make, however, in the end, he decided on good-bye.

Rick Ness Net Worth

As of 2020, Ness’ net worth is calculable to be around $600,000, though the quantity has been calculated from solely his earnings in Gold Rush — in contrast to most rising celebrities and television personalities, Ness has managed to keep the majority of his personal life specifically what the name suggests: personal. He has typically voiced support for his family and has been showing love for them on social media.

Is Rick Ness Dating Girlfriend Or Married Secretly?

However, he has not given any hint of presently dating anyone. We are able to assume that he is currently single, or he likes to keep his love life strictly personal.

Rick Ness Parents, Family Details

Ness is the son of Richard Ness and Judy Marie Bedard. He shares his birthday with his twin brother, Randy Ness. Randy is a mechanic and works within the family construction company that Ness’s grandpa started up. Ness’s mother, Judy, suffered from cancer and ultimately lost the fight. She died at the unfortunate age of fifty-five, on March 20th, 2018. Ness was together with her during the time of passing. Ness started the ninth season of Gold Rush with the burden of having lost his mother. Though he admitted that he had yet to completely process the loss, Ness guaranteed the fans that he would be dedicated to his new crew on the show.

Now that has a whole new group to steer, Ness has expressed his stress because the members were all new, and related to his former mine boss Parker Schnabel, who additionally happens to be one of his closest friends. All parents look forward to watching Gold Rush primarily due to Ness, who is incredibly talented, and tons of fans tune up only for him.

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